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Management of the MNC

In some contrast to the previous and stringent focus on subsidiary roles and development, we study the various roles of the corporate headquarters in the contemporary MNC. We also investigate the problem for subsidiaries to get attention for business opportunities and/or the approval of R&D initiatives in MNCs.

The shift of the global economy has led us to investigate how political embeddedness of emerging-market MNCs (in China) influences reverse knowledge transfer and value creation. Further, in association, we investigate how relationships with socio-political actors in emerging markets are managed for business development within MNCs.

In contrast to the problem of integration between corporate units, we study the management of de-merging processes (disintegration) of MNCs, which is a hugely neglected phenomenon. Furthermore, stemming from our prior studies on innovation, one project investigates the role of MNCs for social innovation projects. Within the larger “competition-program” at the Department, we also study the organising for competition and/or cooperation in MNCs.