Diploma Ceremony 2017
in the Disciplinary Domain of Social Sciences

Graduating this spring? Don’t miss the chance to join the 2017 Diploma Ceremony in the University Hall in the University Main Building, Saturday October 21st. Take this opportunity to shine together with your classmates and enjoy your achievement! Your family and your friends are of course also welcome to participate. After the diploma ceremony, you and your guests are invited to a reception in the University Main Buildning. Host is Deputy Vice-Chancellor Anders Malmberg. Dress: short dress for ladies and dark suit for men.

Note that your application to the diploma ceremony is binding! Participation in the diploma ceremony is voluntary. If you can not attend on October 21st, 2017, but still want to get your diploma, you can mark it in your application. When you register, you must complete all the tasks and attach a copy of your graduation certificate (examensbevis) from the Graduation Office at Uppsala University. Last date for applying to the Diploma Ceremony and handing in the graduation certificate (examensbevis) is September 30, 2017. The site closes down at midnight.



1.30-2.00 pm Photographing outside the University Main Building
2.00-3.00 pm Diploma Ceremony in the University Hall, University Main Building
3.00-4.00 pm Reception by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor in the University Main Building

To be able to participate in the Diploma Ceremony you must send a copy of your graduation certificate (examensbevis) (the first page is adequate) to the Department of Business Studies, att: Diplomeringen, Box 513, 75120 Uppsala or may be uploaded on this web site.

You apply for graduation certificate from the Graduation Office. Via the University web site, http://www.uu.se/utbildning, you will find the Application Forms. Please note that the Graduation Office has a long turnaround time, ranging up to three (3) months. We advice you to apply for the certificate a.s.a.p.

The certificate is the actual legal document confirming your graduation and the Diploma you’ll receive at the Ceremony is a way for us to show our appreciation.