Courses Spring 2013

Some of the courses are offered parallel in periods 1-2 and 3-4 and are presented in packages of two or four courses for each course package. The courses in the packages cannot be studied separately, you can only select a package using the application code. Courses not presented in packages can be combined as you wish using two codes, one for each course. However, it is up to the student to check that the course schedules do not collide. Please note that at least 15 credits should be selected from the Dept. of Business Studies.

30 hp is equivalent to 30 ECTS credits and this is equivalent to full-time studies during one semester. This means that you study 7,5 ECTS credits in each of the 4 periods.


Undergraduate level: The requirements are one full semester (30 credits) in Business related courses for courses given during the second year and one and half semester (45 credits) in Business related courses for courses given during the third year.
B-level/second year:
International Marketing
Marketing, Consumers and Companies
Organisational Behaviour
C-level/third year:
Marketing, Organisation and International Business
Accounting Issues
Advanced level/master’s level: The requirements are two full semesters (60 credits) in Business studies. However we strongly recommend that you have studied business during three full semesters.

The semester is divided into four periods:

Period 1, 20th January - 23rd February
Period 2, 24th February - 30th March
Period 3, 31st March- 4th May
Period 4, 5th May - 8th June

It is very important that your course selection is approved by your university before sending us your application, as students are only allowed to change courses when they have extremely good reasons to do so. The course selection should be made on the document sent to the coordinator of the exchange program at your university/business school.

Below you will also find the course syllabus for each course offered in the autumn semester. The last day to apply is October 15th.

Courses in the Department of Business Studies Spring 2013

Undergraduate level

Period Level Course Syllabus Credits Application Code
1-2 2nd year International Marketing show 15 hp 7001
1-2 3rd year Marketing, Organisation and International Business show 15 hp 7002
1-2 3rd year Accounting Issues show 15 hp 7003
3-4 2nd year Marketing, consumers and companies 7,5 hp
Organisational Behaviour 7,5 hp
15 hp 7004

Advanced level

You choose an entire track, you cannot study the courses separately or split the tracks.
Period Course/Syllabus Credits Application Code
1-4 International Business Track 30 credits:
Internationalisation Strategy 7,5
Managing the MNC 7,5
Cross Cultural Management 7,5
Investigating International Business 7,5
30 hp 7005
1-4 Marketing Track 30 credits:
Consumer Marketing 7,5
Marketing Research 7,5
Industrial Marketing 7,5
Service Logic in Marketing 7,5
30 hp 7006
1-4 Management in a Global Society Track 30 credits:
Managing Contemporary Organisations 7,5
Organisations in a Global Society I 7,5
Consulting, Communication and Change 7,5
Advanced Analysis in Organisational Studies
30 hp 7007
1-4 Financial Management Track 30 credits:
Investments and Finance in the Multinational Corporation 7,5
Integrated Funding, Accounting and Control 7,5
Advanced Company Valuation 7,5
Funding, Accounting and Control in Banks
30 hp 7008
1-4 Management Controlling Track 30 credits:
The Role and Techniques of a Controller 15
Management Controlling 15
30 7009

If you are not interested in one of the tracks above, you can choose a course package in periods 1-2 and combine it with the course package in periods 3-4.
1-2 Entrepreneurship 7,5 + Managing Contemporary Organisations 15 7010
1-2 Marketing Research 7,5 + Consumer Marketing 15 7011
3-4 Industrial Marketing 7,5 + Service Logic in Marketing 7,5 15 7012

Courses in other departments Spring 2013

Undergraduate level

Be aware of the risk of overlapping schedules.
Period Dept. Course Syllabus Credits Application Code
1 Statistics Probability Theory and Statistical Inference (full time) show 7.5 hp 7013
2 Statistics Econometrics (full time) show 7.5 hp 7014
3 Statistics Time Series Analysis (full time) show 7.5 hp 7015
1-2 Economics Economic Theories and Applications (half time) show 7.5 hp 7016
3-4 Economics Economics of Development (half time) show 7.5 hp 7017
2 Economic History Sweden's Economic and Social Development (full time) show 7.5 hp 7018
3 Economic History Essay Writing (full time) show 7.5 hp 7019
2 Economic Geography Changing Geography of Sweden (full time) show 7.5 hp 7020