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We conduct education and research in Business Studies, Entrepreneurship and Commercial Law.

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The Department of Business Studies

The Department of Business Studies was formally inaugurated in 1958, but carries a tradition of Business Studies at the University dating back to the 18th century. Ekonomikum, the name of the building where the Department is located, alludes to Anders Berch, who in 1741 became Sweden's first Business professor (iurisprudentiae, oeconomiae et commerciorum professor, i.e., professor in Law, Economics, and Business Studies). This made him the fourth scholar ever appointed as professor in Business Studies in the world. In his times, Berch had a building in Uppsala at his disposal which he called Theatrum Oeconomicum. The name of the new building for the Economic sciences, rendered into Swedish as Ekonomikum, thus symbolises Uppsala's heritage in Business education and research.

In 2011 the subject of Commercial Law became a part of the Department, and in 2013 Campus Gotland merged with Uppsala University and the Department further expanded.

We offer courses and Programmes in the subjects of Business Studies, Commercial Law and Entrepreneurship. Courses and Programmes are offered both as online courses and campus courses, both on Campus Uppsala and on Campus Gotland. Research is conducted within International Business, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Accounting and Finance, Management and Organisation, and Law and Business. Researchers, teachers and students collaborate through their work with executive education, research collaborations, student theses, internships and active participation in public debate.

Departemental facts
  • About 3500 students per year
  • About 150 employees
  • Campuses in Uppsala and on Gotland
  • Five international Master's Programmes
  • Outstanding Business research
  • Ten excellent teachers
Last modified: 2021-06-18