The Board of the Department of Business Studies

Board members from 10 January 2023

Head of Department and Chairman

  • Peter Thilenius, Professor


  • Mikael Gidhagen, Senior Lecturer
  • Tina Hedmo, Senior Lecturer
  • Mattias Kierkegaard, Lecturer
  • Anna-Carin Nordvall, Senior Lecturer

  • Michael Grant, Senior Lecturer (1st substitute)
  • Sabine Gebert Persson, Senior Lecturer (2nd substitute)
  • Linda Wedlin, Professor (3rd substitute)
  • Ann-Christine Hjelm, Senior Lecturer (4th substitute)


  • Malin Adermon, Student Counsellor
  • Emelie Schmidt Wikborg, Course administrator

PhD Students

  • Maja Jonson
  • Johan Fröberg (substitute)


  • Linnea Funck
  • Hanna Olai
  • Naomi Jean (substitute)
  • Lisa Nystedt (substitute)


  • Daniel Lunneryd
Last modified: 2023-03-29