The Board of the Department of Business Studies

Board members from 1 July 2020

Head of Department and Chairman
Peter Thilenius, Professor

Mikael Gidhagen, Senior Lecturer
Tina Hedmo, Senior Lecturer
Mattias Kierkegaard, Lecturer
Anna-Carin Nordvall, Senior Lecturer

Michael Grant, Senior Lecturer (1st substitute)
Sabine Gebert Persson, Senior Lecturer (2nd substitute)
Linda Wedlin, Professor (3rd substitute)
Ann-Christine Hjelm, Senior Lecturer (4th substitute)

Samuel Flander, Course Administrator 
Malin Adermon, Student Councellor (substitute)

PhD Students
Johanna And
Jakob Westergren (substitute)

Johan Andersson
Philip Wollter
Hampus Engström (substitute)
Elisabeth Hagman (substitute)

Daniel Lunneryd

Last modified: 2022-08-11