Our Subjects

At the Department of Business Studies, we teach in three main areas, Entrepreneurship, Business Studies and Commercial Law. 


The field of entrepreneurship prepare students for future careers as entrepreneurs and founders of new businesses or entrepreneurs within existing businesses. The students receive practical insights into the various aspects of entrepreneurship that are important at the early stages of new companies or the development of new business concepts in order to lead and develop these new companies effectively and in a professional manner.

Business Studies

In the field of Business Studies you will study how businesses and other organisations act and relate to different stakeholders and the wider world.

Accounting and Control

The broad area of Accounting and Control includes subdivisions such as accounting, financial and management control and auditing. Economic control systems provide a basis for external and internal stakeholders to follow and influence the development of the business.


Organisation theory treats the structure, development, governance and management of organisations. The structure of an organisation affects and is affected by the dependencies that exist within the organisation and between the organisation and its environment. Studies within this field lead to knowledge of how different situations form the conditions for division of labour and job design and of how different organisations can be led, managed and developed.


Marketing deals with the company's relationship to markets, customers, suppliers and other actors in the company's network. The company's marketing strategy affects and is affected by the company's resources and the design of the internal organisation and financial control systems.

International Business

In the area of International Business you will study the internationalisation processes and governance and strategies of multinational corporations. Within the field of international business elements from organisational theory and marketing are integrated.

Commercial Law

Currently we do not offer any courses in the subject of Commercial Law in English.