Announcement: Up to 7 PhD Students in Business Studies

We have now announce seven PhD positions in Business Studies. You can apply to these until 2 April 2024. The PhD Programme starts 21 August 2024.

The positions which are announced are the following:

  • 2 general PhD positions in Business Studies
  • 1 position connected to the project 'The Growing Firm - Decisions about Innovation and Global Expansion'
  • 1 position connected to the project 'Decoding Digital Transformation in Multinational Corporations'
  • 1 position connected to the project 'From Invention to Innovation: Novelty, Impact and Value of Patents in 20th Century Sweden'
  • 1 position connected to the project 'Pay with Engagement'
  • 1 position connected to the project 'Directions and Drivers of Technological Trajectories of Swedish MNCs over the Past Three Decades'

For more information about the positions and how to apply, please see the job announcement which you find under the heading 'Up to 7 PhD Students in Business Studies' at Jobs and vacancies at Uppsala University.

The applications to the positions in Business Studies are processed separately by an evaluation committee consisting of Department supervisors. The most qualified applicants are called to an interview.

More information about how to apply

Research Schools

PhD Programme

The Department of Business Studies conducts research in the following areas: Accounting and Finance, Entrepreneurship, International Business, Marketing, Organisation and Management.

PhD studies comprise of four years of full-time study and leads to a doctoral degree. The PhD studies consists of a number of courses (90 academic credits) and research for the doctoral thesis (150 academic credits), a total of 240 academic credits. 

Programme structure

What are the career prospects? 

The PhD Programme aims to provide excellent scholarly training. PhD's hold positions as researchers and academics in Sweden and abroad at various universities and Business Schools. There are also opportunities to work outside of academia. In recent years, graduates from the PhD Programme have been offered positions in the Business Community and with various NGOs, the media and authorities.

Last modified: 2024-02-20