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Managing digital innovation

Peter Ek’s postdoctoral project is supported by Jan Wallander & Tom Hedelius Foundation. He researches implications and potential of digitalization for businesses, innovation and management. Through digitalization, boundaries of the firm, innovation processes, products and services become increasingly open and permeable. As a result, firms need new abilities and tools to organize and manage digital innovation to leverage sources of innovation inside as well as outside the firm. As a result, scholars must also adapt and develop new theory to meet this new environment.

Adopting a perspective that lies at the intersection of business studies and innovation management, Peter’s research tackles these issues using qualitative and quantitative methods. 

Peter Ek

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Executive decision making in internationalization

Annoch Hadjikhani is a Postdoc, financed by Handelsbankens Forskningsstiftelser (Jan Wallanders och Tom Hedelius stiftelse), at the Department of Business Studies where he has been teaching marketing. During his PhD at Uppsala University he studied Swedish banks process of internationalization, covering the period 1995 to in and around 2010.

His primary research contribution insofar concerns how the environment influences firms' internationalization process (e.g. sudden changes such as a crisis influence on firms’ activities), as well as how firms influence their environment (e.g. establishing socio-political relationships).

Annoch continues with a particular interest for executive decision making in the process of internationalization. How decisions come about, what influences the executive function, and how the strategic and executive decisions influence the interesting and dynamic process of internationalization. Beyond aforementioned interests he also study business relationships and specifically the influence of digitalization on business relationships.

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