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Senaste publikationer

  • Pallas, Josef; Fredriksson, Magnus; Ivarsson, Sara

    Ideas of public relations in the light of Scandinavian institutionalism

    Ingår i Handbook of Public Relations, 2021.

  • Brunsson, Karin

    Aldrig mätt

    Ingår i Axess, s. 20-21, 2020.

    Open access
  • Backman, Jenny

    An Eye for Accounting: Studies investigating judgmental effects of visual cues in accounting communication

    Open access
  • Wang, Liang; Yan, Haifeng; Yang, Xiaohua; Ciabuschi, Francesco et al.

    Assets of origin?: Chinese multinational enterprises amidst the Belt and Road Initiative

    Ingår i Thunderbird International Business Review, s. 233-238, 2020.

  • Andersson, David E.; Dahlén, Marianne; Domeij, Bengt; Tell, Fredrik

    Att försvara sin IP: Överklaganden mot patent, varumärken och design

    Ingår i Management of Innovation and Technology, s. 3-5, 2020.

    Open access
  • Helin, Jenny; Dahl, Matilda; Guillet De Monthoux, Pierre

    Caravan Poetry: An Inquiry on Four Wheels

    Ingår i Qualitative Inquiry, s. 633-638, 2020.

  • Liu, Min; Su, Cong; Wang, Fangfang; Huang, Liangxiong

    Chinese cross-border M&As in the "One Belt One Road" countries: The impact of Confucius Institutes

    Ingår i China economic review, 2020.

  • Strand, Magnus

    Competition damages betwixt and between past and future: Cogeco: Case C-637/17, Cogeco Communications Inc. v. Sport TV Portugal SA and others, Judgment of the Court (Second Chamber) of 28 March 2019, EU:C:2019:263

    Ingår i Common market law review, s. 569-590, 2020.

  • Westelius, Alf; Petri, Carl-Johan; Nilsson, Fredrik


    Ingår i Strategic Management Control, s. 135-141, 2020.

  • Su, Cong; Kong, Lingshuang; Ciabuschi, Francesco; Holm, Ulf

    Demand and willingness for knowledge transfer in springboard subsidiaries of Chinese multinationals

    Ingår i Journal of Business Research, s. 297-309, 2020.

  • Ekman, Peter; Thilenius, Peter; Thompson, Steven; Whitaker, Jonathan

    Digital transformation of global business processes: the role of dual embeddedness

    Ingår i Business Process Management Journal, s. 570-592, 2020.

  • Åberg, Magnus; Fälting, Lars; Lingfors, David; Nilsson, Annica et al.

    Do ground source heat pumps challenge the dominant position of district heating in the Swedish heating market?

    Ingår i Journal of Cleaner Production, 2020.

  • Brunsson, Karin

    Effective or Stupid?: a Note on the Organizational Economy

    Ingår i Management Revue, s. 92-109, 2020.

  • Bai, Wensong; Liu, Runqian; Zhou, Lianxi

    Enhancing the learning advantages of newness: The role of internal social capital in the international performance of young entrepreneurial firms

    Ingår i Journal of International Management, 2020.

  • Värlander, Sara Winterstorm; Sölvell, Ingela; Klyver, Kim

    Entrepreneurship as a vocational choice in contested entrepreneurship communities: The role of entrepreneurs' justification strategies

    Ingår i Journal of Business Venturing, 2020.

  • Sebhatu, Abiel; Wennberg, Karl; Jonsson, Stefan; Lindberg, Staffan I.

    Explaining the homogeneous diffusion of COVID-19 nonpharmaceutical interventions across heterogeneous countries

    Ingår i Proceedings of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia, 2020.

    Open access
  • Brantnell, Anders; Baraldi, Enrico

    Following unique logics despite institutional complexity: An inductive study of academic inventors and institutional logics

    Ingår i European Management Journal, 2020.

  • Bengtsson, Marie; Enberg, Cecilia; Tell, Fredrik

    Foolishness without consequence?: From physical to virtual modeling in the history of military aircraft development at Saab

    Ingår i Industrial and Corporate Change, s. 163-181, 2020.

    Open access
  • Zhou, Abby Jingzi; Fey, Carl F.; Yildiz, H. Emre

    Fostering integration through HRM practices: An empirical examination of absorptive capacity and knowledge transfer in cross-border M&As

    Ingår i Journal of world business (Print), 2020.

  • Leijon, Jennifer; Anttila, Sara; Frost, Anna E.; Kontos, Sofia et al.

    Freshwater and Lithium from Desalination Powered by Marine Energy Sources

    Ingår i International Journal of Offshore and Polar Engineering, s. 283-285, 2020.

  • Lücke, Gundula

    From Start to Pitch – publish online to engage, share and co-create in opportunity development


  • Dellestrand, Henrik; Kappen, Philip; Lindahl, Olof

    Headquarter resource allocation strategies and subsidiary competitive or cooperative behavior: achieving a fit for value creation.

    Ingår i Journal of Organization Design, 2020.

  • Brunsson, Nils

    Institution und Organisation: Zur Gegenüberstellung von zwei Schlüsselkonzepten

    Ingår i Neo-Institutionalismus, s. 53-74, 2020.

  • Norbäck, Maria; Wedlin, Linda

    Institutional Theory

    Ingår i Theories and perspectives in business administration, s. 217-245, 2020.

  • Baker, H. Kent; de Ridder, Adri; Råsbrant, Jonas

    Investors and dividend yields

    Ingår i Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance, s. 386-395, 2020.

  • Hilmersson, Mikael; Johanson, Martin

    Knowledge Acquisition Strategy, Speed of Capability Development and Speed of SME Internationalisation

    Ingår i International Small Business Journal, 2020.

  • Iveroth, Einar; Jacob, Hallencreutz

    Leadership and Digital Change:: The Digitalization Paradox

    Routledge, 2020.

  • Andersson, David E.; Berger, Thor; Prawitz, Erik

    Making a Market: Infrastructure, Integration and the Rise of Innovation


  • Mäkelä, Kristiina; Lauring, Jacob; Butler, Christina L.; Lee, Hyun-Jung et al.

    Meeting the Challenges of Globalization in Order to Make a Difference: Implications for teams and team leadership

    Ingår i Research Handbook of Global Leadership, s. 91-107, 2020.

  • Kashyap, Shruti

    Monsoon Paper Dragons: Transparency, Accountability, Risk, and Compliance in Banking Regulation and Practice

    Open access