Interview Sara Bladby

Sara Bladby works as Student Counsellor for the Master level at the Department of Business Studies since 1 December 2018. Sara grew up in Gothenburg but moved to Uppsala in 2014 to study Human Resource Management. Her plan was to return to Gothenburg once she graduated, but Uppsala turned out to be too nice of a place to leave.

What attracted you to the position as a Student Counsellor?

- When the opportunity rose to work as a Student Counsellor, I immediately felt that I was interested. The possibility to work close to and meet the students enticed me. I like to guide people and help them find solutions to their problems. When I studied Human Resource Management, my plan was to work with people and guide them in their life. I feel that this position has given me the chance to do this. I am really looking forward to having a more direct and personal contact with the students.

- I am also looking forward to working closer to the Programme Co-ordinator. To get more in-depth knowledge of the education we offer and be a part of the development of it.

Which groups of students do you work with?

- As the Student Counsellor for the Master's level, I handle the students that study on either of our Master's Programmes, both on Campus Uppsala and Gotland. This means that I will meet both national and international students. The students are seniors since they already finished their Bachelor's level, so they are not new in the student world, even though some of them will be new to the Swedish system. I am also looking forward to working with our international students. Different cultures interests me and I have lived and worked as an au pair in both Australia and England.

What is happening right now on the Master's level?

- Right now the International application round is open for admission fall 2019. This generates many questions from potential applicants. They wonder mainly about their merits and how they can apply to our Master's Programmes. The application deadline is 15 January 2019 and we will then start looking at their documents and merits. It is we here at the Department that handle the review of merits concerning credits in Business Studies. We make sure they fulfil the requirements for the Programme.

- For me a big task right now is to learn everything. There is a lot you need to know as a Student Counsellor, a lot of rules, systems and information that I need to be aware of in order to help the students in their specific situations. The review of the international applications is a very complex task since there are so many different grading and educational systems in the world, but I am looking forward to this task. It will be interesting and educational.

December 2018