Our research contributes to an increasing knowledge about how businesses and organisations work, are lead and develop in a global context. 

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Research at the Department

Research at the Department of Business Studies is concentrated in five sectors in the subject of Business Studies, each lead by a professor. The research activities are based at Campus Ekonomikum in Uppsala and at Campus Gotland in Visby. We also conduct research in Commercial Law.

The research vision of the Department is to build a deep expertise in each sector and fostering interactions between them. We focus on high-quality research and invest in long-term research efforts anchored in empirical analysis. Our aspiration is not only to build on, but also to question and challenge, the concepts and assumptions of the established literatures.

Entrepreneurship - Carries out research throughout the domain of Entrepreneurship research, and the group has made particular efforts to focus and deepen the research in the area of Corporate Entrepreneurship. 

Law and Business - Encompasses Swedish and international (in particular European) commercial law, but also e.g. healthcare law.

International Business - Is known for innovative and influential research, especially within the internationalisation process of firms, widely known as the "Uppsala School", and the management of the multinational corporation.

Marketing - Focuses on dynamics in business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) relationships.

Management and Organisation - Investigates the organisation of society and is renowned as a leading research group within the tradition of institutional organisation theory.

Accounting - The Accounting sector conducts research in four main areas of the broad accounting field: Financial Accounting, Finance, Management Control, and Enterprise Information Systems.

PhD studies

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Do you want to continue working with questions from your Master's thesis? Do you enjoy getting to the bottom of complex issues? Do you want to generate new knowledge to researchers and practitioners? Do you like to write? Do you want a real challenge? Then the PhD Programme in Business Studies might suit you.

Honorary Doctors

This title is conferred upon individuals who have done outstanding academic work or in some other way promoted research at the University. Honorary Doctors of the Faculty of Social Sciences suggested by the Department of Business Studies:

  • Chetty, Sylvie Kamala, FDhc, Professor, Nya Zeeland​, 2017
  • Power, Michael, FDhc, Professor, London School of Economics, London, United Kingdom, 2013
  • Buckley, Peter J., EkDhc, Professor, University of Leeds, United Kingdom, 2010
  • Ford, David, EkDhc, Professor, University of Bath, United Kingdom, 2008
  • Powell, Walter W., FDhc, Professor, Stanford University, CA, USA, 2007
  • Johanson, Jan, FDhc, Professor in International Business, 2000
  • Stewart, Rosemary, FDhc, United Kingdom, 1998
  • Cunningham, Malcolm T., EkDhc, Professor, United Kingdom, 1990
  • March, James G., EkDhc, Professor, Stanford University, CA, USA, 1987
  • Penrose, Edith T. , EkDhc, Professor, United Kingdom, 1984
  • Lindqvist, Sven, EkDhc, author, 1979

Honorary Doctors of the Faculty of Social Sciences

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