Commercial Law

Books stacked on each other.

Since 2011 the commercial law sector is a part of the Department of Business Studies. The sector consists of three senior lecturers and four lecturers. 

The research is headed by associate professor Magnus Strand.

Our research

We are currently researching the nullity of contract clauses under EU law vis-à-vis unreasonability of contract clauses under Swedish law, digitisation and cultural heritage in archives, and issues concerning damages liability under market laws.

Our research vision is to build a research environment in this sector that is capable of joining insights from law and management studies respectively. Research in law and management is rather insular in the larger international research community, being carried out by singular people spread over many universities, and consequently the Department of Business Studies is probing possibilities to create a rallying point for this cross-disciplinary research. As part of and starting point for this endeavour, the sector has launched a research seminar in law and management. 

Our research output comprises of textbooks on commercial law and medical law as well as papers on topical issues in international commercial law, published in renowned peer review journals, and a monograph in European commercial law published by Edward Elgar Publishing after peer review.