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The entrepreneurship group carries out research throughout the domain of entrepreneurship research, but with a particular focus on corporate entrepreneurship. The group was established in 2005 around The Anders Wall Chair in Entrepreneurship, financed and supported by Kjell och Märta Beijers Stiftelse, Anders Walls Stiftelser, Sparbanksstiftelsen Upland, Svensk Handel (Stiftelsen NÖDFOR), and Uppsala University. The research is headed by professor Ivo Zander.

Our research

Our research vision is to explore the unexplored through creative theoretical and empirical approaches to the study of entrepreneurship. Current major research projects address issues such as:

  • Intrapreneurship in Swedish industry,
  • opportunity recognition in large multinational corporations,
  • the effects of economic crises on corporate technological renewal,
  • how new entrants into the world economy affect the organisation and strategy of today’s well-established multinational corporations,
  • the importance of dreaming in entrepreneurship.

Other projects explore boundary change in high technology new ventures, the determinants of the survival of corporate new ventures, how the framing of new projects affects the likelihood of securing external funding on the cultural arena, and the role of new venture units in corporate renewal. During 2018, the group launched the Intrapreneurship Compass, a project aimed at measuring the intrapreneurial climate in Swedish industry.

In our teaching, we want to offer a broad range of entrepreneurship courses that prepare and inspire future generations of entrepreneurs to live their dreams. Our entrepreneurship courses are offered at the Bachelor, Master, and PhD level. Current teaching ranges from introductory entrepreneurship courses designed to inspire students to become engaged in new business ventures to a full-time, one-year Master Programme in Entrepreneurship.

Last modified: 2022-04-08