International Business

People in the international business sector sitting around a large meeting table.

Our Research

The research group consists of about 15 researchers, including PhD students. In addition, we have a network of external researchers associated to the group. Our research in international business has an established reputation, especially in the fields of the internationalization process of firms (widely known as the “Uppsala School”), global strategy and the management of multinational corporations (MNCs). The group organizes research seminars (USIB) regularly. The group also plays a central role within the NORD-IB research school.  

Our vision is to develop and sustain high-quality research in international business and global strategy that is internationally recognized. We aim to take well-thought-out steps that develop our traditional international business research stream, and be receptive to contemporary societal international phenomena that call for new research. We embrace continuous updating of our theoretical and methodological competencies and contribute to the debate by publishing in core international business, strategy and management journals. 

Contact: Ulf Holm, Professor of International Business


Research themes and projects

Last modified: 2023-09-19