New IB PhD students


The Department of Business Studies welcomes four new PhD students to the International Business sector. 


Kevin Walther. Photo.Who am I?
Originally I am from Switzerland and I obtained my Bachelor’s degree in Business & Economics at the University of Zurich. After an exchange semester in Sweden during that time I have decided to do my Master in Sweden and was very happy to be accepted to UU where I obtained my Master degree in International Business. Thereafter I gained some working experience in the payment industry back in Zurich.

What is your motivation in doing PhD in IB in Uppsala?
Working as a trainee I realized soon that everything comes back to how you use your skills acquired during your studies e.g. in order to conduct a market research or gain insights to a certain type of business/industry. For me doing a PhD is therefore mastering this skill set and on top of that gives you the luxury of choosing between a career in the academic world or private economy. In combination with the excellent pre-conditions for doctoral students in Uppsala and the opportunity to teach, doing a PhD is an exciting journey for me which I am looking forward to.


Johanna And. Photo.Who am I?
Businesses are the foundation of welfare in society. Entrepreneurs seize opportunities and create their own work life. That is fascinating, which is why I did the Uppsala University Master in Entrepreneurship. Before that, I studied Journalism and Russian language at Stockholm University. I have also worked in politics – in Stockholm City Hall and Region Uppsala.

I like to travel and meet new people around the world and to hear their stories. I enjoy hiking, bouldering and pretty much all outdoor activities. I am from a sailboat family and grew up on the small island Yxlan in the Stockholm archipelago.

What is your motivation in doing PhD in IB in Uppsala?
I want to do the PhD because I have a passion for knowledge and want to discover new things. This PhD journey will offer an invaluable opportunity for me to focus on what I enjoy the most. I appreciate that I am responsible for my own progress whilst surrounded by such inspiring brains. Our Business Department has such a vigorous vibe to it. There is so much to learn in an international environment. I believe that once you have lived in it, it changes you and your perception of the world. Internationalism adds an additional interesting element to the research.


Paul Rosenbaum. Photo.Who am I?
I grew up in Florida, USA but it has been a long time since I’ve lived near any sunny beaches. For the past 10 years I operated a consulting firm in Paris, supporting businesses and new ventures across sectors with their communications, training, and strategy planning. Before that I mainly worked in New York City at private art galleries, but also in artists’ studios and at museums - art remains a hobby, and I also participate in the Arctic science research community. I earned my degrees at UC Berkeley (BA Rhetoric), INSEAD (MBA) and Université de Paris-Saclay (MSc Environmental Sciences).

What is your motivation in doing PhD in IB in Uppsala?
I considered a lot of universities for a PhD - I’m really glad to be at my top choice. It was important for me to join a strong research centre that would allow for collaboration beyond my department - the opportunity to participate in SUBS, NORD-IB, and courses across Swedish universities put FEK at the top of my wish list. In fact, I was so motivated to join that I applied twice! I wrote one application for a general PhD role, and another to an established project group in IB. Now that I’m here, I’m focused on finishing in 4 years.


Stylianos Papaioannou. Photo.Who am I?
I am from Greece and I finished my Bachelor degree in Athens. After that I worked in the organizing committee of Olympic Games 2004 in Athens, followed by the Master Program in International Business Strategy in Linnaeus University and five years of the PhD program in Mid-Sweden University. My interests are cooking, space exploration, theater, opera and gardening! Looking forward to finalizing my PhD studies in Uppsala University.

What is your motivation in doing PhD in IB in Uppsala?
I always wanted to know more than I already knew. Ideally I would like to manage to know everything but that’s unreachable. International Business comes as a result of what I enjoy the most: the connection between people and business. International business seems as the ideal environment to combine both worlds. In Uppsala I found the bright people who I admire and is a privilege to be one among them.