Jan Johanson and Jan Erik Vahlne received the JIBS Decade Award for 2019


Congratulations to Jan Johanson and Jan Erik Vahlne who received the JIBS Decade Award for 2019 for their article The Uppsala internationalization process model revisited: From liability of foreignness to liability of outsidership.

The JIBS Decade Award was inaugurated in 1996 to honor the most influential JIBS article of the volume ten years prior. This year's award was presented at The Academy of International Business Conference (AIB) in Copenhagen in July. After Jan-Erik Vahlne’s presentation of the article, Martin Johanson was asked to represent Jan Johanson to receive the prize, which he did!

The recipients of the prize. Photo.
Martin Johanson and Jan-Erik Vahlne receiving the prize (number five and six from the left). 

More information about the award, a complete list of all recipients (including the pre-1986 volumes), and access to the award winning articles, can be found at the Palgrave JIBS
Decade Award Website

Access to the winning article