Law and Business

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Since 2011, the law and business unit has been an integrated part of the Department of Business Studies. The unit currently comprises eight associate professors/senior lecturers and five lecturers.

The law and business research team is led by associate professor Magnus Strand.

Our research

In law and business, law is studied in a cross-disciplinary context. Our research team is part of the Faculty of Social Sciences and the Department of Business Studies, and this holds significance for the theoretical and methodological orientation of our research efforts.

Traditionally, business law (or commercial law) is concerned with the rules and norms that govern economic activities nationally and internationally. Our research team, however, takes a broader law and business perspective which includes studies of the public domain.

Among others, our present research in law and business encompasses the following themes:

  • governing the European financial markets,
  • artificial intelligence and compliance management (RegTech),
  • indebtedness and insolvency,
  • legal aspects of sustainability,
  • welfare law.

Our vision is to build a research environment where perspectives from law and business, respectively, meet in comprehensive social science studies of law. Law and business research is generally scarce even in the international research community. The Department of Business Studies therefore endeavours to create a focal point for this particular cross-disciplinary branch of research. As part of this endeavour, law and business seminars as well as larger events are arranged.

Our publications in recent years include a number of contributions to leading international and to Swedish periodicals and to edited volumes, alongside monographs and textbooks.

Last modified: 2023-04-17