Organisation Theory PhD Courses

As the Organisation Theory research group at Uppsala University is committed to the study of organisations and organising, this page is created as an opportunity to spread information about available PhD courses in Organisation Theory primarily in Sweden, but also in the other Nordic countries.

Below you can find a list of such courses. Please click on each link to learn more about the course. If the date of the course has passed or is not specified, you may email the course organiser and ask if and when the course will be given again. 

If you are a course organiser and want to add your course to the list, please email

Organisation Theory PhD Courses

Contact persons for other courses in Organisation Theory

  • Organization Outside Organizations at Uppsala University: Nils Brunsson
  • Institutions and organizations at Södertörn University: Noomi Weinryb
  • Advanced Organization Analysis at Uppsala University: Stefan Arora-Jonsson
  • Klassiker inom management och organisation at Uppsala University: Karin Brunsson
  • Decision Theory & Decision Analysis at KTH: Jonathan Metzger
  • Organizations -Theory and Research at Linköping University: Karl Wennberg

Courses relevant for organisation theory

Last modified: 2023-09-06