Course syllabuses spring 2023

Before the semester begins you will find the course syllabuses (schedule, teacher list, literature list) in Studium by following the links below.

Study periods

Campus Uppsala

Master's Programme in Business and management
International Business - semester 2 Corporate Strategy
Managing the Multinational Corporation
International Human Resource Management
Marketing - semester 2 Markets and Marketing
Service Logic in Marketing
Business to Business Marketing
Organisation - semester 2 Institutional Analysis of Organisations
Consulting, Communication and Change
Research Process and Academic Writing
Semester 4 Masteruppsats

Master's Programme in Accounting and Financial Management
Management Control - semester 2 The Role and Techniques of a Controller/CFO
Management Control Philosophies
Leading and Controlling Organisational Change
Financial Management - semester  2 Corporate Governance and Financial Decisions
Advanced Company Valuation
Regulation, Accounting and Control in the Financial Sector
Financial Accounting - semester 2 Corporate Governance and Financial Decisions
Advanced Financial Accounting
Regulation, Accounting and Control in the Financial Sector
Termin 4 Masteruppsats

Master's Programme in Entrepreneurship
Alternative 1 New Venture Catalyst
Master's Thesis
Alternative 2 Corporate Entrepreneurship
Strategic Corporate Entrepreneurship
Master's Thesis

Master's Programme MKIT
Master's Thesis

Campus Gotland

Master's Programme in Sustainable Management
Philosophy of Science and Research Methods
Responsible Reading and Writing
Master's Thesis

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