Diploma Ceremony

The Diploma Ceremony is arranged to celebrate the graduating students of the Faculty of Social Sciences who have received their Bachelor's/Master's degrees. 

Diploma ceremony 2023

The 2023 Diploma Ceremony will take place on Saturday 11 November in the Grand Auditorium in the University Main Building. The ceremony includes speeches, music and a handout of diplomas. The ceremony is held in English and will take approximately 1,5 hours.

Rolled up diploma wrapped in a red ribbon. Illutration.Degree certificate a requirement to participate

To attend the ceremony, your degree certificate (examensbevis) must have been issued by the deadline for registration. Please note that the Graduation Office has a long turnaround time. We advice you to apply for your degree as soon as possible.

The certificate is the actual legal document confirming your graduation. The Diploma you'll receive at the Ceremony is a way for us to show our appreciation.  


Registration opens in September.



Last modified: 2023-05-31