FAQ about application to Master's Programmes

Master's Programmes

We offer one-year and two-year Master's Programmes. On Campus Uppsala we offer a one-year programme in commercial law and one in entrepreneurship. We also have a one-year programme in sustainable management on Campus Gotland. Our two-year programmes in business studies are offered on Campus Uppsala and you apply for the track you want to study. You can read more about the programmes on our Education site. 

Entry requirements

Depending on what programme you apply for, the programme specific entry requirements might vary. You can find information about this on our entry requirement site.

I do not meet the entry requirements of academic credits, but I have other experiences that correspond to the requirements. Am I eligible?

The entry requirements must be fulfilled and cannot be replaced by, for example, working experience. No exemptions will be made.

Do I need to fulfil the entry requirements when applying?

No, you can apply without fulfilling the entry requirements. If admitted, you will be admitted with conditions. In that case, you must show that you fulfil all the entry requirements no later than 08.00 CET on the first day of the semester.


What information must be on my transcript?

The transcript must be official, and state what the passing requirements is. In order for us to be able to do the best assessment of your previous studies, the transcript needs to show credits for each course. If it does not show credit, we have to estimate how much of your studies that is within business. 

I am in my last year of study and I am going to take more courses in order to meet the entry requirements, how do I prove this? 

You need to upload a document saying that you are in your last semester of study and what courses you have left and how many credits they are.

I want to submit more information to show that I fulfil the entry requirements - where can I send them?  

The last day to submit supporting documents can be found on www.universityadmission.se. No documents received after this will be taken into consideration for the application.

Do I need to send in a CV, statement of purpose or motivation letter?

No, you only need to send in a statement of purpose if you apply for the Master's Programme in Entrepreneurship.

Fees and scholarships

Citizens from outside the European Union (EU) or European Economic Area (EEA) country, or Switzerland, are required to pay application and tuition fees. Fees cover application and tuition only and do not cover accommodation, academic literature or the general cost of living. The tuition fee coordinators at Uppsala University can answer questions regarding fees.

If you are a fee-paying student, you might be eligible to apply for a scholarship. More information can be found on Uppsala University’s scholarship opportunities.

Selection process

If you apply and fulfil all of the programme requirements you will continue on to the selection process. The selection varies, depending on what programme you have applied for. Tuition fee-paying students and non-paying students are admitted on the same grounds but in different selection groups. You can read more about it on our site about the selection process.

I have studied my Bachelor at Uppsala University – am I given priority?

No, we do not base selection on where you have studied previously.


You GMAT result is valid for five years. GMAT is not mandatory, but students with a GMAT test score are given priority over ones without. Therefore, including a GMAT score will increase chances of admittance. On our site about the selection process you can find general information about GMAT.

When is the last day to write the test in order for it to be considered in the selection process?

GMAC, that is responsible for the test, sends a verification of test results to the University. The University needs to have received the verification no later than the last day to send in supporting documents. Since GMAC state that it might take a couple of weeks for the verification to be send to the University we cannot give you a specific date. Therefor make sure you have foresight when you do the test.

​What is the lowest accepted GMAT score?

We do not have a lowest accepted score. The lowest required score for each semester depends on other applicant’s scores. 

I have a previous GMAT result - can I use it?

The GMAT test center sends a verification to the University. If you have not specified that the verification should be send to Uppsala University, we will not be able to consider your result in the selection process. 


When will I receive the admissions results? 

In the International application round, admissions results are published in late March or early April. In the Swedish application round results are published in mid July.

My application was assessed as unqualified, but I think that I meet the requirements. Who do I contact?

You contact those who did the assessment. The general entry requirements are assessed by the Admissions Office at Uppsala University. The specific entry requirements are assessed the Student Counsellor at the Department of Business Studies.

I want to appeal the decision - how can I do that? 

Please find information on the University Admissions web page.

I am on the waiting list, will I receive a spot on the Programme if someone declines their spot? 

It is highly unlikely that we will call any reserves, since our programmes are very popular and most students choose to register. We will know the week before the semester starts, usually in late August, whether or not we will call any reserves. If we do, we will inform you via e-mail and you have to respond at a certain date. Information will be published on our Student site when we know if reserves will be called or not.

I want to change the specialisation of my programme. How do I do that?

It is not possible to change the specialisation once on the programme. If you want to study on another specialisation, you have to apply to the programme again and chose that specialisation.

I want to change the order of the programme – can I do that?

The programme follows a fixed study route and all courses are given in the pre-described order.


I have the credits and courses that correspond to a Bachelor’s degree, but I do not have the official diploma. Can I still be registered?

You need to upload a copy of the official diploma on universityadmissions.se, or send us an official transcript from a degree office that state that you fulfil the requirements for the degree you have applied for, that you fulfil the requirements for it and will be awarded the degree. 

Contact information

If you have other questions or need more details about the programmes that are offered on Campus Uppsala, do not hesitate to contact the Student Counsellor at the Department of Business Studies.

If you have questions regarding the Master's Programme in Sustainable Management, please email sustainablemanagement@fek.uu.se

Last modified: 2023-12-20