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Uppsala University was founded in 1477 and is ranked among the most prominent universities in the world. Several famous scholars have worked at the University, amongst others Carl von Linné, Olof Rudbeck and Anders Celsius. Since 1911 eight Nobel prizes have been awarded to researchers at Uppsala University. On 13 December every year the new Nobel Laureates visit the university and give lectures open to the public. The university has more than 40,000 students and some 6,000 employees in nearly 100 departments.

Ever since the Department of Business Studies was founded in 1958, an international profile is a distinctive feature of its Business research. Many students spend one semester of studies abroad at one of the department’s 40 partner universities around the world. In return, visiting students from these partner universities spend one or two semesters here in Uppsala.

Incoming Exchange Student

We would be delighted to be given the opportunity of welcoming you to the Department of Business Studies as one of our important exchange students. During your exchange with us you will be able to view your Business Studies from a new and different perspective, expand your experience and strengthen your CV pending your future ventures. We want to challenge you and help you grow both on a personal level and in your knowledge. Choosing the Department of Business Studies at Uppsala University for your exchange might be one of the best decision you ever made. 

Nomination & application process

Once you have been nominated you will be sent more information concerning the application process. You will need to fill out and send in an application/course selection form before the submission deadline. We only accept scanned copies of application forms in PDF format that arrive by our deadline 15 October for the following spring semester, or 15 April for the following autumn semester. The forms should be filled out using a computer. The application period for the spring term opens mid-September and for the autumn term mid-March. 

Choosing courses

A full semester at Uppsala University consists of 30 credits which is equivalent to 30 ECTS.  A minimum of 15 credits must be selected from the Department of Business Studies. You also have the option of choosing courses from selected other departments. Please note that only courses from our course lists are available to incoming students. Make sure to choose reserve courses as placement is dependent on availability and eligibility. We do not allow any course changes after the deadline and we do not have and add and drop period. Courses should therefore be pre-approved by the students home university.

Choose courses 

Apply for housing

You are not guaranteed housing. You must apply for it. A link to the online application will be sent to nominated students as part of the application procedure. Application period will be published later. It is extremely important that you do not forget to apply for housing. 

Visiting students at Uppsala University are provided with accommodation in student residences according to agreements between Uppsala University and the accommodation organisations. Rental conditions are specified in the contract which the visiting student signs after arrival. More information about housing can be found on the Housing Office's website.

Before the arrival

During and after the exchange

Contact the International Mobility Office 

Last modified: 2023-04-13