A full semester course load at Uppsala University consists of 30 credits (hp) which is equivalent to 30 ECTS.

Course Levels

Undergraduate: 2nd year/B-level                
                          3rd year/C-level                 
Graduate:          Master’s level/Advanced level


  • 2nd year: minimum 15 credits of Business Studies
  • 3rd year: minimum 45 credits of Business Studies
  • Master: minimum  90 credits of Business Studies. Only Graduate/Master students are able to take these courses.

Due to Graduate/Master courses being based on prior knowledge in Business Studies, and their high intensity, undergraduate students are not allowed to take these courses. 

A minimum of 15 credits must be selected from the Department of Business Studies and a minimum of 22,5 credits in total over 3 study periods is mandatory for students coming from EU/EES and and full time studies over 4 study periods is mandatory for students coming from outside the EU/EES. Only courses listed on the course pages are available for incoming students. 

If you select courses that are not offered by the Department of Business Studies you should be aware of the risk of schedules overlapping. It is the student's responsibility to check that the course schedules do not collide. Please note that Economics and Statistics are not considered as Business Studies.

Make sure to choose extra courses as placement is dependent on availability and eligibility. It is very important that your course selection is approved by your university BEFORE sending us your application. We do not allow any course changes after the deadline and we do not have an add and drop period.

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Last modified: 2023-06-19