Exchange courses autumn 2022

The fall semester 2022 runs from 29 August to 15 January and is divided into four periods.

  • Period 1: 29 August – 29 September
  • Period 2: 30 September – 2 November
  • Period 3: 3 November – 6 December
  • Period 4: 7 December – 15 January

Last day of application is 15 April. Applications received after the deadline will not be processed.

Courses offered at the Department of Business Studies

Undergraduate level

Undergraduate courses at the department are either offered as 15 credits in period 1–2 or as two 7.5 credit courses running parallel in period 3–4.

Undergraduate courses
Period Level Course Credits Course code
1–2 3rd year International Business and Marketing 15 2FE413
1–2 3rd year Management and Control 15 2FE412
1–2 2nd year International Business and Marketing from a Swedish Perspective 15 2FE233
1–2 2nd year Perspectives on Management and Control 15 2FE232
3–4 2nd year Business in Networks 7.5 2FE228
3–4 2nd year International business strategy 7.5 2FE234
3–4 2nd year Scandinavian Leadership 7.5 2FE231

Advanced/Graduate level

One course is selected for period 1 and another course selected for period 2. In period 3 and 4 courses run parallel, here, all courses can be combined apart from Financial Statement Analysis that can only be taken in combination with Scientific Methods in Business Research.

Master courses
Period Level Course Credits Course code
1 Master Entrepreneurship 7.5 2FE623
1 Master Business Analysis and Managerial Action 7.5 2FE858
2 Master Accounting Theory 7.5 2FE872
2 Master The Global Firm 7.5 2FE859
3-4 Master Scientific Methods in Business Research 7.5 2FE861
3-4 Master Internationalisation of Business 7.5 2FE882
3-4 Master Advanced Organisation Theory 7.5 2FE860
3-4 Master Consumer Marketing 7.5 2FE815
3-4 Master Financial Statement Analysis 7.5 2FE873

Courses in other departments autumn 2022

Undergraduate level

Be aware of the risk of overlapping schedules. For courses at the Department of Statistics the requirements are 30 credits of Statistics, except for Time Series Analysis with pre-requisite of 45 credits of Statistics (including one course in econometrics). 

Undergraduate courses
Period Department Course Credits Course code
1 Statistics Probability Theory and Statistical Inference (full time)  7.5 2ST065
2 Statistics Econometrics (full time) 7.5 2ST092
3 Statistics Time Series Analysis (full time)  7.5 2ST093
3 Statistics Quantitative Methods (full time) 7.5 2ST106
3–4 Economics Economics of Development (half time) 7.5 2NE675
1 Economic History Why some countries are rich: an economic history of the world (full time) 7.5 2EH370
2 ​Economic History Sweden's Economic and Social Development in the 19th and 20th Centuries (full time) 7.5 2EH371
3 ​Economic History Essay Writing (full time) 7.5 2EH373
3 Social and Economic Geography The Changing Geography of Sweden: Patterns, Processes and Policies (full time) 7.5 2KU006
4 Informatics and Media Databases 7.5 2IS007
4 Informatics and Media Communication and Organising  7.5 2IV159
1–4 Nordic Languages Basic Swedish 7.5 5PU028

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