After the application

I am on the waiting list. Will I receive a spot on the Programme if someone declines their spot?

It is highly unlikely that we will call any reserves, since our Programmes are very popular and most students choose to register on the Programmes. We will know in late August whether or not we will call any reserves. If we do, we will inform you via e-mail and you have to respond at a certain date.

My application has been unqualified - what are the entry requirements?

The general entry requirements to the programme are a Bachelor’s degree (equivalent to a Swedish “kandidatexamen”) from an internationally recognised university and English 6. The general entry requirements are assessed by the Admissions Office.

The specific entry requirement for Master’s Programme in Business and Management is 90 ECTS credits in Business Studies, and the specific entry requirements for the Master’s Programme in Accounting and Financial Management are 90 ECTS credits in Business Studies and 15 ECTS credits in Statistics. 30 ECTS credits equals one semester of full-time studies. The specific entry requirements are assessed by the Department.

I have been unqualified because I do not have enough credits in statistics, but I think I have enough credits.

For the courses in statistics to count, they need to be named something like “Statistics”, “Econometrics” or “Business Math”. Quantitative methods, pure mathematics courses or research courses do not count.

I have been unqualified because I do not have enough credits in Business, but I think I have enough credits.

For the courses in Business to count, they need to be for example organisation, accounting, marketing or finance. “Economics” is another subject in Sweden and does not count. The same thing goes for “Business Law”. Courses such as “Business English” would count as a language course.

How do you convert the credits from my home university to ECTS credits?

The total number of Swedish credits (i.e. 240 for a four year education or 180 for a three year education) is divided by the number of credits in the home university. That number is then multiplied by the total number of Business/Statistics related credits.

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If it is not stated anywhere on your transcript, diploma or any other official document issued by the university, we have to assume that your Bachelor’s degree is three years and your Master’s degree is two years (i.e. the length of the Swedish educations).

My application status is “unqualified” but I want to submit more information to change my status – where can I send them?

Unfortunately, the last day to submit supporting documents was 3 February. No documents received after this will be taken into consideration for the application.

I am in my last year of study and am going to take more courses in order to meet the entry requirements, but my status is still “unqualified”. Why?

If you have not uploaded a document saying that you are in your last semester of study and what courses you have left, we cannot know that you have the chance of meeting the entry requirements, and therefore your application has been unqualified.

Can I take more courses before the semester starts to change my status from “unqualified” to “qualified”?

Since the last day to complete the application was 3 February, it is not possible to take more courses in order to meet the entry requirements.

I want to appeal the decision – how can I do that?

Please find information on the University Admissions web page.

When will I receive the selection of results?

Selection results are published on 3 April, usually after lunch Swedish time. Please see this link for other important dates.