Transfer of credits

Transfer of credits from another Swedish University, are usually not made. Courses can be included in a Degree anyway. If you for some reason want to apply for transfer of credits then the courses need to have the exact same content. It is the the Degree Office at Uppsala University that handle such requests.

Transfer of foreign credits for a degree is made through the Degree Office at Uppsala University

A partial transfer of credits can be made if you have unfinished parts of a course or when a course is discontinued. In order to do a partial transfer of credits, the content of the two courses needs to be equal. This application is handled by the Student Counsellor.

Partial transfer of credits

Students that have unfinished parts of a course and have studied the same content through another course, can apply for a partial transfer of credits.

In order to do a partial transfer of credits, the content of the two courses needs to be equal.

Note that you cannot use credits twice in a degree and that your possibility to get student aid/scholarship might be affected.

If you are registered on a course and want to apply for partial transfer of credits you need to apply for it. In order for us to assess an application, it needs to be stated who the student is, what the student have studied and passed; and what course the student which to do a partial transfer of studies to. The easiest way to do this is by filling out the online application. You email the the Student Counsellor to get the application form.

You also need to include the following documents with your application:

  • Course Syllabus including the literature
  • Certificate of registration on the course in question

Further information might be asked for. This information needs to be send in to us, no later than three weeks from when asked for.

When a partial transfer of credits is made it will show in Ladok how many credits of the course that have been transferred, from what course and from what other University.

The application is handled by the Student Counsellor at the Department of Business Studies. The teacher grading the course makes the decision if a partial transfer of studies will be made or not.

Last modified: 2022-11-11