Travel Report

After your exchange you need to write a travel report. You don't have to follow this template, however, it would be of great help to future students if you were to describe the course selection procedure and your experience of the courses taken.

Make your Travel Report creative and fun but refrain from using names and any personal information. Please send your travel report to as a pdf file. The Travel report will be posted on our website. We reserve the right to shorten the report and to remove unsuitable content.

How to write a Travel Report


  • State the name of your host university together with the semester the exchange took place. 
  • Name the subjects that you studied (topic/level/workload) and how you experienced them.
  • Please explain the course selection process and dates.


  • In general terms, explain the difference between the study and university system at Uppsala University versus your exchange university.
    What would you say the pro and cons were with the different systems?
    How were the courses taught (large lectures/smaller groups/seminars)?
    Did you have good and engaging teachers?
    How were the relationship between teacher/student at your host university compared to Uppsala University?
  • How were the examinations conducted at your host university? Are the demands in exams higher or lower compared to Uppsala University?
  • How would you assess the level/quality of studies compared to your studies at Uppsala University
  • How was the access to computers? Please compare with Uppsala University.


  • Describe how you were received at your host university. Was there a special welcome programme for exchange students? Were you well looked after at your arrival and during your studies?


  • Explain your living arrangements (student housing, room, apartment, private or university accommodation). Were you satisfied with your accommodation? Give examples to future exchange students!


  • How were the costs of living compared to Sweden?
  • Did your student finance suffice?
  • What was the rent for your accommodation?

Leisure time

  • Were specific activities arranged for exchange student? If so, were you satisfied with these?
  • Were there opportunities for leisure activities?

Overall impression

  • Sum up your overall impression from your exchange. 


  • Please include any other information that can assist a future exchange student.
Last modified: 2021-12-20