Application process for Master students

As a Master's student you can apply for Exchange studies during your third semester. For Master's students the application round is January-February. Available partner universities and number of places vary from year to year. After the initial deadline remaining places will be published. 

Before you apply, please go through the information concerning our partner universities, their course catalogs and travel reports. Do make sure that the universities you apply for have courses that you are interested in. As a Master's student, you are eligible to study both on an undergraduate and graduate level. 


In order to apply for an exchange you need to complete a two step process:

Step 1
Please fill out the online application and attach the documents below. The link will only be available during the application period. 

Send in a Personal Letter with the following content:

  • introducing yourself in Swedish or English
  • academic motivation explaining your first choice university
  • academic motivation for the intended subject of your studies
  • explaining the exchange university's semester dates, exam period etc and how this fits with your studies at Uppsala university and the semester dates here
  • other merits such as language skills, non-academic merits and the ability to be a good representative for Uppsala University. 

Step 2

Complete and hand in a hard copy of your application and supporting documents to the information desk at the Department of Business Studies. If outside of office hours use the black mailbox. Include:

  • Application form for exchange_master
  • Personal Letter
  • Plan of action should you have incomplete courses. Explain in a separate document (for example word document) how you plan to proceed with incomplete courses 

In order to complete the application process you need to fill out both the online application form and hand in the application documents. Incomplete or late applications will not be processed.

Important reminders!

  • Be aware of overlapping semester dates! If the dates overlapp you need to contact the teacher for the course you are going to study and ask for permition to arrive late to the course.
  • Before you apply, make sure that the host University offer courses you are interested in and that you have the pre-requisites for the courses. Information can be found at our partner universities homepages.
  • Travel reports are an important source of information for students going on an exchange.
  • Make sure to be well informed about various requirements such as visa application, health certificate and other necessary documentation. Any costs associated with these documents are paid by the student.
  • Remember to apply to your host university, arrange for housing, visa, plane tickets, etc on time. Make sure not to delay it as it can affect your study abroad. 

What happens after I hand in the application?
If we have any questions regarding your application we will contact you through email or phone, so make sure to check your email and spam regularly. 

The results will be published after the deadline for submission. Make sure to answer on time or you will loose your place.