Pre-evaluation of courses

If you are going on an exchange it is important that you apply for a pre-evaluation of the courses you intend on taking.

When you have selected your courses you should send in a request for pre-evaluation. Do not send the request in until you know what courses you would like to take. Some of our partner universities would like you to select courses well in advance but most have an add/drop period at the start of term. You should not send in the request until earliest two to three weeks before the final decision has to be made with the Partner University.

We assess:

  • if the course are Business Studies
  • the level of the course (when applicable)
  • if it overlaps anything you have studied on your Master Programme.

Pre-evaluation is only available for students admitted to an exchange and not for prospective students. All questions regarding transferring of credits are handled by the Graduation Office at Uppsala University.


The following information should be emailed to

  • Name and personal number.
  • Exchange university and study period.
  • Name of course, course code and syllabus as a Pdf or link to each course description.
  • Course selection process including dates and add/drop week.
Last modified: 2023-06-19