Travel Reports Bergen

Autumn 2022

My general impression is mixed. The classes were in presence, and I was able to enjoy my international experience regardless of the minor issues,


Regarding my studies, I had the following courses:

  • ACC402E Internal Control and Audit (Master level, 7.5 ECTS credits): something I have never done in my finance studies. Overall, the professors have adapted the course to the student. A positive experience.
  • ACC420E Strategic Financial Statement Analysis (Master level, 7.5 ECTS credits): Even though it was a master level course, it was overly basic. I expected a greater emphasis on the strategic dimension based on the syllabus. Financial topics are treated in a "politically correct" manner, which makes them simplistic and plain.
  • BUS401E Strategic Profitability Analysis (Master level, 7.5 ECTS credits): The course had a great potential, but the professor was the most disorganized professor I ever encountered. I would not suggest the course unless you are willing to organize otherwise disorganized lectures and slides.
  • MBM401B Consumer Behaviour (Master level, 7.5 ECTS credits): The course was very interesting. The “politically correct” virus reached also marketing, but overall the course is insightful. The group work was bad, too many persons in the group. 

The course selection process was smooth but happened very late in the calendar. 

  • You must ensure that the courses you want can fit into your weekly schedule; otherwise, some lectures may conflict. Be prepared to spend some of your time on this. Choosing a few extra courses is always a good idea
  • You will be registered on the courses after your arrival. No need to worry about that. You can always change and drop courses for the first month.

Some tips for the courses: Ask previous year students about the courses, get an idea of the course through the grading curve, check the exam date (it could be very late).
The difference between teaching at Uppsala and NHH, in my opinion, is that courses at Uppsala were more theoretical. The other thing to take in consideration is that courses run on a semester rather than monthly basis. Finally, all courses have a midterm exam to determine whether or not you will be able to attend the final exam (it is usually very easy).


The week before the start of classes, the NHH student organization, which was the main organizer of events throughout the semester, organized some activities to meet other Erasmus students. Join the messenger groups if you would like to know more.


NHH's accommodation is its core issue. Sammen has a "gulag" for Erasmus students (block F in Hatleberg), where all Erasmus students are stuffed into spaces not designed for so many people. You'd think that living in Norway would mean better trash management and cleaner student housing, but that's not the case. The areas around the buildings were filled with trash, and the waste disposal system is awful. Because the Wi-Fi is poor (basically non-existent), you will need to set up your own network. Sammen’s employees are very laid back; they will respond to minor tasks (such as changing a light bulb) but nothing less. Therefore, if your kitchen resembles a favela, or you have problem with internet, it's your responsibility to solve. Finally, I know many people that has been scammed by the private accommodation market, so better be prudent.


Everything is more expensive than Sweden. No Amazon service and the delivery system is not the best. The public transportation though are very efficient (just be sure to arrive in Bergen not too late or a taxi to the center will be expensive).

Leisure time

Everything happen either in the accommodation building next to NHH (which could be bad if your intentions are to study) or in the University basement (weird, right?). The gym is two-steps away from Hatleberg student housing (or the University).

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