Travel report Exeter

Autumn 2022

I studied at the business school during my exchange. I chose courses in branding, managing innovations, entrepreneurship and finance. All on postgraduate level. Workload depends on courses, mostly quite simplified as there were no requirements of previous studies in the field to choose the courses. Most courses pushed one to analyze how to practically apply theories into real life contexts more thoroughly than what I have experienced before in my studies. The workload during the term was much less than in Uppsala, minimal preparations for classes were required, but all workload is put on finals week, when all assignments from the term are done or handed in. For which one has to prepare and build their own schedule around during the term. Whatever is one's preference to build their routines, but the flexibility gives more time to explore during the exchange.

Exeter has multiple societies, everything from debating to surfing to Harry Potter societies, there is something for everyone. Which is a great way to meet new people outside of classes. Try out new sports, crafts, explore new places with like minded people and find new interests or familiar communities. As it is a student town, everyone participates in some type of society activity and there is always something to do. 

The course selection process was very simple, a broad selection of different courses before term start, when arriving at the university (Before school starts to experience freshers week and choose courses and get everything settled, try out societies etcetera) one can change and set the wanted courses so they all match the schedule accordingly. The courses can be changed still at the first week if they don't seem fitting to one's expectations.

Teaching varied, some teachers were very charismatic, engaging and pedagogic, while in some courses the teachers were monotone providing little support. The classes are much larger than in Uppsala, multiple courses with 200 students. It is hard to get to know people in class, which is why societies exist (and other campus activities for internationals).

The library and student services were good. At the student guild on campus students were offered 2£ lunches. My student accommodation had its own library and tennis courses.

Student accommodation quality varies, there are catered, non catered, shared bathrooms and own bathrooms, with very old and very new buildings, but overall good standard. They can be applied for on the school website. Catered halls are a great way to meet new people daily and there are always four different options to choose from, vegetarian, vegan, fish and meat with great variation. Campus accommodation is a great way to be close to campus and participate in society activities on campus, it is also a short walk from the city center. The staff is also very caring and helpful. The cost of living was quite similar to Sweden. Some things are much more expensive while others much cheaper. Rent was higher than expected, and more difficult to find private accommodation for short term, so I would definitely recommend student housing. 

There were many occasions when the welcoming information was presented. Understanding tasks to get started were clearly structured.

Pre arrival information about visas was very confusing, as 1 year students need to apply for a visa, 1 term EU students will automatically receive a visitor visa at the airport and arrival. For which the school advised to apply for one in advance which was not necessary. 

Exeter lies close to Bristol, Bath, and multiple coastal towns, countryside and national parks to see. Even Cornwall and London are approximately 2 hour train rides away.

Overall I had a great exchange, the term starts quite late in the UK (26 September to 16 December, with finals first weeks of January), which makes the term short. But a great way to experience something new, meet new people, learn from a different school system and explore.

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Last modified: 2023-02-28