Offered placement

The results of the selection process for exchange placement will be announced via e-mail, together with instructions on how to accept or decline the offer.

Accepting the exchange placement

You accept the offer by sending or handing in a signed exchange agreement to the International Mobility Office. Agreements that are received after the deadline will not be considered, and the applicant will have lost their exchange placement. The exchange agreement is binding and you will be registered in Ladok for an exchange and cannot be accepted for studies at Uppsala University during this term.

Declining the exchange placement

Should you wish to decline your placement, please let us know by email,


The International Mobility Office will nominate you to the partner university and once nominated we will send you a confirmation. Placement at universities with early deadlines are prioritised. As a result nominations and confirmations may be sent out at varying points in time and you might not hear from the contact person at your host university for several weeks.

You will receive important emails with information prior to your exchange semester. Please ensure that you check your e-mail and spam regularly. 

Application process to your host university
Contact with the host university, after the nomination, is handled by the student, and it is your responsibility to submit the required documentation and application on time.

Last modified: 2022-10-20