Registration, de-registration and re-registration

Registration opens in early August or January and closes about one week before the start of the term. If you don't register in time you will loose your spot. Even if you are admitted with condition you need to register. Registration is made through Studentportalen and there you can find more detailed information about the dates of registration.

Registration and de-registration





Registration - admitted

We use web registration via the Student Portal for all our courses.
By registering you confirm that you intend to take the course. 
Web registration can be done between certain dates which you see once you have logged in to the Student Portal. You can also find the dates on the e-mail you recieve from the Department after the second letter of admission has been published.

Registration - conditionally admitted

If you are conditionally admitted you register by e-mailing ( for courses on the Bachelor's level) before the registration deadline. You must then prove that you fulfill the requirements no later than 8 o'clock the first day of the semester, alternative course start date for courses starting in study period 3. 

Admission of reserves (waiting list)

If we can offer a spot to a reserve (waiting list), it is done via e-mail to the e-mail address you provided at An e-mail is sent out two days after the registration deadline to those who can be offered a spot. If you are offered one, you have two days to reply to the offer.

If you are admitted with condition you register in two steps

  • Registration is made by replying to the e-mail that offers you the spot. The deadline is stated in the e-mail and is usually two days after the e-mail has been sent.
  • You also need to prove that you fulfill the requirement. You do this by sending in transcripts that show that you fulfill the requirements. This needs to have reached the Student Concellors no later than 8 o'clock the first day of the semester. 

Which reserves that are offered a spot is based on different factors.


As important as it is to register to courses you are going to take, as important is it to ask us to remove your registration, if you change your mind about taking the course. If you terminate your studies within three weeks after the course has started, we will remove your registration and you will be able to apply again a later semester.

If you terminate your studies after three weeks after the course started, we will make a note of termination for that course in the student register. This means that you cannot apply to the course again. If you want to take the course later on it is possible to remove the note and you can re-register for the course, as far as space allows.

You de-register by sending an e-mail to the Student Counsellor at the Department of Business Studies, including your namne, your personal number and the name of the course.


Re-registration is only possible as far as space allows. Contact the Student Service Office at the Department of Business Studies for information about the opportunities for re-registration as well as how you can end a previously started course. Requests for re-registration can be send in during the period

  • Fall semester: 1 August to last day of registration
  • Spring semester 1 December to last day of registration.

If you have a certificate showing illness, military service or parental leave, make sure to include it so that your application for re-registration can be prioritized.

Short info about registration
  • Get an account on Studentportalen.
  • Log on to Studentportalen and follow the instructions for how to register on the course/Programme you are going to study.
  • If you are on the reserve list you will be contacted via e-mail if you are offered a spot. 
  • Re-registration is made if place is available. For information contact